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Laboratory Chemicals

We are here to introduce a large variety of superior quality AR-ACS chemicals which include carbolic acid and ortho phosphoric acid. These are utilized for making phosphate salts that are found in fertilizers. In addition to this, the said products are also found in dental cements and in the formation of sugar, albumin derivatives and textiles. Our offered products are also suitable for adjustment in different types of food & beverages. AR-ACS chemicals are efficient in controlling pH levels. The said formulations help in synthesizing materials like plastic. These are also used for processing epoxies, detergents, nylon, polycarbonate and pharmaceutical drugs. 
Check out this variety of best grade AR dry solvents which include toluene and diethyl ether. These are widely used in the making of lacquers, paint thinners, paints, rubber, adhesives and fingernail polish. In addition to this, the said products are also suitable for leather tanning processes and printing. These are capable of thinning, drying and dissolving different kinds of substances. AR dry solvents are basically a mixture which is used for enhancing the octane ratings. The offered formulations are also found in the synthetic fragrances, coatings, inks, adhesives, paints and cleaning agents. These are known for maximum purity and high efficiency. 
Our company is known for providing high grade HPLC buffer and ion pair reagents that are used as mobile phase additives. These are largely used as buffer solution, scavenger of metals, masking agent and complexometric titration. In addition to this, the said products find their usage in separation of peptides, proteins and other biological molecules. HPLC buffer and ion pair reagents is found in analytical and organic laboratories. These are appreciated for easy usage, high efficiency and accurate proportions. Our provided products are helpful in separation of highly polar substances and ionic substances. The said offerings possess strong chelating properties.